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All 13U teams have been filled!

13-1 National
Coaches Jenna Suttles & Adam Cooper

Lucy Bell

Abbi Hall

Kudrat Kaur

Finley Nix

Caroline Nickol

Macauley Moman

Saanvi Patel

Caroline Rude

Macy Tant

Annabelle Thompson

13-2 National
Coaches Morgan Hart & Sandy Hart

Jane Andersen

Lucy Bensman

Ella Birkle

Emma Greene

Karina Vazquez

Emma Kohlhas

Eleanor Hass

Lily Holdt

Halle Krusling

Giuliana Scheffer

13-3 National Lite
Coach Shyla Hall

Anna Grace Baumann

Lily Bell

Maycie Bunch

Polina Cristo

Milana Cristo

Jasmine Hall

Kaylen Minturn

Kenzie O'Connell

Leighton Proud

Addison Reynolds

13-4 American
Coach Jenna Rutherford

Bijou Byrnes

Gabriela Escudero

Kennedy Fehr

Elliott Foley

Libby Healy

Frannie Korth

Nicola Krynauw

Sophie Nguyen

Brielle Uribe

Zoe Wolfe

13-1 roster is full!

13-2 roster is full!

13-3 roster is full!

13-4 roster is full!

***If you have been selected for a team, please click on the player decision button to accept or decline your position. ​

Thank you for trying out for Ohio Premier Volleyball Club. Results are posted by the players tryout number.  If the player forgot her tryout number please call or email Ginger Hineline ( 

The website will be updated periodically each day. If you accept your position, your name will appear on your team during the next update. Accepting a position does not impact the ability for your player to be moved to a higher team. 

There will be a list of alternates for each age group. Alternates will be listed in no particular order.  If an alternate is moved up to a team, an email will be sent to the parents notifying them that their daughter has been placed on a team. Alternates will be moved up to a team based on position, school and ranking/evaluations from tryouts. If you have any questions about this process please contact Ginger Hineline.​

We have created a tryout packet that overviews the tryout process - 

Once a team is completely filled an email will be sent to all the parents on the team with detailed information on club payment, parent/player contracts, uniform sizing and team parent meetings.  

Please see our main tryout results page for a copy of our athletes bill of rights. 

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