9-2 Regional

Head Coach: Ryan Gennett

PRACTICES: Start practice the first week of January. For January-March 20th - twice per week - 1.5 hours each practice. For March 21st-April 30th - twice per week - 1 hours each practice. Last practice will be in the end of April.

TOURNAMENTS: Play in 5 one day local tournaments
(Parents will pay separately for their own travel to/from tournaments. Parents will pay separately for the USA membership.)

BASE FEE FOR TEAM: $677 (The price is based on 10 players. If it is 9 players, the price will be increased to cover the cost.) *We are member of USAV and OVR volleyball Region. All players are responsible for purchasing their own Ohio Valley Region player membership for the 2021/2022 club season.

Player Club Fees cover the following items:
Practice Court Fees (January - April)
Coaches stipends, education, memberships and background checks
Coaches Travel Expenses
Tournament Registration Fees
Facility Cost
Administration Cost
Equipment Usage and Replacement

UNIFORM PACKAGE: This is a separate cost from the team base fee and includes all the items listed below. Team members will pay for the uniform package separately with "Player Pass" which will be described in detail once you are on the team. If you played with OPVC last club season, you do not need to purchase these items except the new uniform. All players (old and new) must purchase the new uniform. However, you will have the option to purchase these items separately if you would like. OPVC new players are required to purchase the uniform package. All the items in the package will be the exact same as last club season except the uniform. Player for the 9U, 10U, and 11U regional teams can wear any black spandex that they would like and do not need to purchase UA black spandex but will have the option.

One uniform jersey
One warm-up top
UA Black Locker Tee practice shirt
One purple practice t-shirt
One UA back pack bag
One practice volleyball
(If you played last year, you do not need to purchase these items.)


OPTIONAL: Pro Force Performance strength, speed, agility and jump training. 12 one hour sessions will be held on the RGSA mezzanine. Parents can schedule these sessions at an offered time that is convenient for them. The cost is $300.