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OPVC Boys' Teams 2022/23

Info TBA

Info TBA

Player and coaching development is a top priority at OP. Coach Berkemeier will oversee the development of all of our OP boys volleyball coaches and players. He will be working directly with everyone in the boys program. This will include running/supporting drill sessions with all players in the program and providing our boys coaches feedback and support throughout the entire season.

Practices: Start practice the second week of October-twice a week- 2 hours each practice. One practice will be by themselves, the other practice will be with the 12 Black team. Last practice for the winter session will be in the middle of February. For October, November and December practice days should be consistent. Starting the first week of January, practice days and times may change for some teams.

Tournaments: Play in 6 total tournaments - 11 play dates
Midwest Point Series #1 – two day tournament in Indianapolis
Midwest Point Series #2 – two day tournament in Indianapolis
OVR Holiday Tournament - two day tournament in Columbus
Midwest Point Series #3 – two day tournament in Cincinnati or Louisville
OVR Winterfest Tournament - two day tournament in Columbus
OVR Regional Championships – one day tournament in Columbus
(Parents will pay separately for their own travel to/from tournaments.)

Base fee for team: $1408 (The price is based on 10 players. If it is 9 players, the price will be increased to cover the cost.)
*We are member of USAV and OVR volleyball Region. All players are responsible for purchasing their own Ohio Valley Region player membership for the 2022/2023 club season.

Uniform Package: This is a separate cost from the team base fee. Two uniform jerseys, Two pair shorts, Back Pack, Warm-up top, Two practice shirts, Practice Volleyball. The cost is $312. (If you played at OPVC last year, you do not need to purchase a volleyball or Back Pack.) NEW THIS YEAR: All Players are getting new uniforms jerseys this season. Players are also getting purple and black practice shirts (not white) and warm-up hoodies that they must purchase.

optional: Pro Force Performance strength, speed, agility and jump training. 12 one hour sessions will be held on the RGSA mezzanine. Parents can schedule these sessions at an offered time that is convenient for them. The cost is $300.

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