Tryouts Results 14U 

Thank you all for trying out for one of the Ohio Premier Volleyball Club teams.  Below are the tryout results for players in the 9U-14U age groups.  If your tryout number is listed below click on player decision to accept or decline your offer and fill out the required information.  If you accept a position on a team we will replace your tryout number with your name.  If you decline an offer we will move up a player from the list of Alternates.  We will move players up from the Alternate list to the Regional team.  Players on an American team will be moved up to a National team if a spot opens up.  Players will be moved up from the Regional team to the American team and from the American team to the National team.  Players from the Alternate list will be moved up to the Regional team.  Alternates are listed in no particular order. For 13U and 14U teams Alternates will be moved up based on position needed.  If an Alternate is moved up to a team we will notify the player via text or email that she was moved up to a team.

NATIONAL team players have until Wednesday October 30th at 9:00pm to accept or decline a spot on a team. REGIONAL and AMERICAN teams have until Wednesday November 6th at 9:00pm to accept or decline a spot on a team.  During this time a player will not lose their spot  that was offered to them on a team but we do ask that players make a decision as soon as you can so the Alternates can potentially have an opportunity to move up to a team at Ohio Premier as they are waiting on players to make a decision.  

14-1 National

Clara Barry

Georgia Schaefer

Kaelyn Burley

Mia Camp

Madalyn Duff

Ellie Green

Abigail Samol

Ava Sprinkle

Kaylee Krummen

Cate Freeman

14-2 National

Gabby Affatato

Olivia Bensman

Hope Johnson

Natalie Molina

Laney Ott

Sophia Queen

Jami Clark

Ava Hill

Sarah Kemper

Elisabeth Thomas

14-3 American Plus

Lauren Edwards

Avery Hall

Shelby Mulcare

Aubrey Murphy

Emily Ruschman

Jada Turner

Maciah Brashear

Audrey Edwards

Anabelle Lencyk

Payton Strunk

14-4 Regional

Lucy Konrad

Keilani Camarena Barrera

Kate Rabin

Keira Moorman

Kori Vonderhaar

Nolyn Ujvari

Emily Haught

Emily Frederickson

Emma Linnemann

Anderson Mercalde

***If your have been selected for a team, please click on the player decision button below to accept or decline your position.

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