Please note that our Youth Skill Class schedule has been adjusted for the summer months. Because of COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend our VolleyBeans Program. We look forward to welcoming our Beans back in the fall! 

Our experienced coaches bring their knowledge to the court to help younger athletes develop motor skills, age-appropriate skill development, fundamentals and technique of volleyball, coordination, improve agility, develop hand-eye coordination, and all in a FUN, volleyball related setting.  


Age and ability appropriate groups will be taught the fundamentals of volleyball. Young ones will learn to enjoy the game of volleyball through the introduction of drills and games, utilizing a much lighter ball and a lower net. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, so these small athletes will also learn the benefits of teamwork as they learn to play the game.


Teaching the correct technique for all the fundamentals is very important at a young age.  At Ohio Premier Youth Academy, our focus is proper technique to develop good habits and muscle memory in our youth players.  


As the players grow and gain experience, we are able to tailor all practices to allow athletes with no experience to get better and allow the most experienced athletes to continue to grow and develop.  Classes are for all skill levels.


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1st and 2nd grade  |  Co-Ed

We use a lighter ball, smaller court segments and lower nets. The program’s focal point is fun and enjoyment; at the same time developing agility, hand eye coordination, body movement and ball control work.  We will continue to teach the fundamentals of the skills and reinforce the skills in fun drills. Team play is incorporated with motor learning and skill development.

Mondays OR Wednesdays
4:40pm - 5:25pm    
Price: $84/Month


3rd and 4th grade  |  Co-Ed

Ideal for young beginners. We continue to develop agility, hand eye coordination and court movement. More game play situations are introduced. Proper skill development for passing, setting, hitting, and serving are taught and reinforced. We will do combination drills and some game play.  The net is 6 feet and we will use a volleylite ball. 

Mondays OR Wednesdays

5:45pm - 6:45pm     Price: $101/Month


5th and 6th grade  |  girls only

We continue to develop agility, hand eye coordination and court movement. We will continue to reinforce proper technique in all the skills.  More game play situations are introduced. This is a great way to hone skills or prepare for school or 12 & Under club tryouts. We will focus on overhand serving and introduce jump serve for some.  More game play situations are introduced. We will briefly introduce a simple team offense and defense so players start to understand team systems. The net will be 7 foot height and we will use a volleylite ball.

Mondays OR Wednesdays

7:00pm - 8:00pm     Price: $101/Month

premier youth academy

youth skill classes for ages 3-11

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