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Tryout Results 2023-2024
9/10U Results
***If you have been selected for a team, please click on the player decision button below to accept or decline your position. Do not use the player decision button for callbacks.


Thank you for trying out for Ohio Premier Volleyball Club.Results are posted by the players tryout number.  If the player forgot her tryout number please call or email Ginger Hineline (

There will be a list of alternates for each age group. Alternates will be listed in no particular order.  If an alternate is moved up to a team, an email will be sent to the parents notifying them that their daughter has been placed on a team. If you are listed as an alternate and OPVC is where you want to play, please wait before accepting at another club, as there will likely be movement. A cub cannot pressure you to make a decision before the deadline. If you have any questions about this process please contact Ginger Hineline. 

This year, the deadline to accept for all teams is October 25th at 9:00PM

Once a team is completely filled an email will be sent to all the parents on the team with detailed information on club payment, parent/player contracts, uniform sizing and team parent meetings.  

Here is a copy of the Athlete's bill of rights that all players/parents should view.

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