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  • How do I know which age group to try out for?
    Age groups are determined by DOB and grade. USAV and the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) have outlined the age classifications here. If you are still unsure which age group you qualify for, please email
  • What are the cost per team and tournament schedule for each team?
    We will be updating the cost per team as soon as we can for next club season. BUT below is the link to our current club team information for this past club season that you can view and see the cost of each team and the tournament schedule and general information about each team. This will give you an idea that will be very similar to the 2023/2024 club season. Girls Club Team Info 2022/23
  • Who are the coaches for each club team?
    We will update our coaches for each of our club teams for our 2023/2024 club teams as soon as we can. We are currently working on our coaching commitments and will get the list updated on our website hopefully soon.
  • Is there anything different for the 2023/2024 club season from the past club season?
    There are a couple differences that will change moving forward. The Nationals team registration fee (for our national teams that will be attending nationals in June) will be included in the fees and will not be a separate payment.
  • How many teams will OPVC have this season?
    You can find the tentative list of teams we plan to have for the season here. Since we never know who will show up at tryouts, this list is subject to change. We may adjust the number of teams and divisions to ensure we have the best fit for all players in each age group.
  • How do I know which division to try out for?
    Most age groups have three divisions: National, American & Regional. The "National" division teams will be the highest commitment level, highest cost and are geared towards athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level and travel outside of Ohio. The “American” division is in between National and Regional with a little more travel then Regional but not as much as National. The furthest an American team will travel will be Columbus, Louisville or Indy and some local tournaments. The "Regional" division teams are a lower commitment level and are a great fit for athletes who don't want to travel as much. Most if not all the tournaments for regional teams will be local. National teams will be required to attend Nationals in June. American and Regional teams club season typically end the first to middle part of May. With our younger Regional teams ending the last part of April. During the tryout registration you can select which divisions you want to be considered for. If you state that you only want to play in the Regional division, we will not place you on a National or American division team. Most players will tryout for all divisions and let us place players based on their personal skill level.
  • When are tryouts?
    Click here to view the list of tryout dates and times for each age group.
  • What if I can't make the tryouts for my age group or I cannot make tryouts at all?
    If you're unable to attend, please email It is in the best interest of players to attend their age group tryouts but we know there might be conflicts and we can discuss potential alternatives if needed. We also know that because tryouts were moved to the summer for the first time this year some families might have already made plans during the tryouts and cannot attend at all. In this case please email to discuss. If players want to be considered for a team at OPVC even though they cannot attend tryouts they will still need to register and pay for tryouts so we can have their name on our players list to be considered for a team and also so we can give them a tryout number. Parents can email or text Ginger to find out their daughters tryout number the first day of tryouts for her age group.
  • What time should I arrive for tryouts?
    You should arrive at the beginning of your designated check-in time. All players that are pre-registered for tryouts will receive an email with detailed specific instructions about tryouts including the time to arrive. But we encourage players to arrive between 45-35 minutes before tryouts start. This will allow enough time to go through the check-in line, change into the tryout shirt, complete testing, and get settled before we begin. There will be a line, so don't wait until the last minute to arrive!
  • What do I need for check-in?
    Most of the check-in process will be completed online during the registration process. You should complete the following at least 24 hours before tryouts begin: All players will need the forms below to bring to tryouts. These forms need to be printed and filled out and signed. Players do not need an OVR membership to attend our tryouts. If a player is selected for a team they can get their player OVR/USAV membership after they are confirmed on a team. Tryout Forms
  • Are parents allowed to watch tryouts?
    Parents are NOT ALLOWED AT ALL TO STAY AND WATCH TRYOUTS. Parents will be asked to leave once tryouts start and they can return at the exact time tryouts are over. Parents will not be able to come into the facility earlier and watch. We will let parents into our facility right when tryouts are over.
  • Does everyone make a team?
    Everyone does not make a team. We do our best to evaluate all players at tryouts and select those that we feel are the best fit for our club teams based on skill level, potential, athletic ability and other criteria that we look for in players. Because of the number of players that typically attend our tryouts for younger age groups we cannot place everyone on a team.
  • How will I know if a player made a team? What if my daughter is placed on an Alternate list for a team? Is there a chance she can still be pulled up to a team?
    After the tryout session has concluded, coaches will work together to form teams. will be posted on our website soon after an age group is done with tryouts. We will post teams using players tryout numbers. Tryout numbers are given to each player when they check in for tryouts. Instructions on how to accept or decline a position on a team will be posted on our website for players to view. We will have a long alternate list for each age group. If a player is placed on our alternate list there is still a chance they can be moved up to a team if a player declines a position. Alternate list players will be moved up based on position, skill level and school. We will contact a player If we move them up from our alternate list to a team.
  • How will I be evaluated at tryouts?
    It is important to note that tryouts are not run the same as training sessions. We will not be teaching any volleyball techniques; only evaluating skills, overall athletic ability, and attitude. If you are not confident in a certain skill, it is important to always try your best. We are evaluating general athletic ability as well as the potential to be a good teammate. Near the end of tryouts, we may place athletes on a court together for more match-like situations. Athletes may be grouped together for a variety of reasons, not limited to strictly volleyball skills. These groups are not necessarily an indication of who will receive offers to join the club.
  • How will I know if I am on the CALL BACK LIST of players to come back for the second age group tryouts?
    Because OPVC typically has a lot of players that attend our tryouts we have to narrow down the number of players during our first tryout for certain age groups. Once we narrow down the number of players that we want to come back for the second tryout we will list our “call back players” on our website right after the first tryout. We will use players tryout numbers to list the players WE WANT TO RETURN for the second tryout.
  • I have questions after tryouts, who can I talk to in person?
    We are on a very tight schedule to complete tryout evaluations and form teams. We understand you will have questions, but unfortunately, we will be unable to answer them immediately in person. Please visit our website. You can also email if you have any questions but please understand if she does not get back to you right away. Below are some helpful links that might answer some of your questions. Tryout Forms on this page Girls Club Team Info 2022/23 Pre-Tryout Open Gyms Pre-Tryouts Boot Camp Series
  • What happens after tryouts?
    After tryouts, we will post the results on our website using the player's number that she was given at tryouts. Parents and players will be directed to our website to see if their daughter has been chosen for one of our teams. If she was not chosen on the main roster, her number might be listed as an alternate. Families then have a set amount of time (10 days in some cases) to decide whether or not they will accept or deny the position. The amount of time is different if your daughter is chosen for a National team. Detailed instructions will be on our website about the exact deadline for your daughter to accept or deny the spot on a team. Once she is offered a spot on a team at tryouts, we can not rescinded until the acceptance period has ended. If she accepts the offer, then she is bound to the club for the year. If your daughter is chosen for the main roster, there will be detailed instructions on how to either accept or deny her position on the team. If she is chosen as an alternate there is still an opportunity for her to move up to be placed on the team. If we chose a player for a spot on the main roster and they deny the spot then we will move a player up from the alternate list to a main roster spot. We will notify parents if we move their daughter up from the alternate list.
  • What is a National, American, or Regional team?
    The Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball has 3 divisions of teams. National teams are the most highly competitive and typically play in more two and/or three day tournaments, but there are enough National competitive tournaments in our area that our National teams can travel to Indianapolis, Louisville, and Columbus and not have to travel a far distance. One of the main differences is the National teams will compete in AAU Nationals in Orlando or USA Nationals (the site changes every year), National teams schedule is usually longer (starting in December and ending with Nationals sometime late June or early July). National teams are the most expensive teams. There is more travel with National teams. American teams are in the middle of National and Regional. American teams are competitive but typically play in fewer tournaments, less travel and the season is shorter (January – May) The majority of teams registered in the OVR are Regional which is competitive/recreational. Regional teams will be the least expensive team. The Regional teams play in more one day local tournaments and the season is January – May.
  • What forms will I need to tryout for Ohio Premier?
    Every club will have a different system for tryouts and have different requirements. Since Ohio Premier Volleyball Club has it’s own facility and insurance, we do not need players to register with the OVR before trying out at our club. Many clubs will require that you register with USA Volleyball in order to attend their tryouts but we do not. Once you are accepted on a team you will have to register with the OVR for a full membership. We do require some paperwork for our tryouts. For a complete list of tryout instructions and what paperwork is needed please click here.
  • Do I have to make a decision or pay money to a team immediately after tryouts end?
    Not if you are trying out for an Ohio Valley Region Club which is a member of USA Volleyball. Ohio Premier is a registered club in the OVR and we have to abide by their rules. I encourage you to read what the rules are in the Ohio Athlete's Bill of Rights. The OVR has a set amount of time after tryouts begin to sign a contract and the exact dates are included in the Athlete's Bill of Rights.
  • What does age waiver mean & what are the age definitions?
    The age cut off date for the sport of volleyball is September 1st. That means that if you turn 14 before September 1st, you are officially a U14 player even if you are a 7th grader. A player with a bad birthday is known as a grade level or age waiver player. Age waiver players must play up if they want to play on a National team. They are allowed to play down and play with their grade level on an American or Regional team. Click here for USA volleyball age definitions.
  • Is there a rule that clubs can only have 3 players from the same school on a team?
    Yes – In Ohio the rule of 3 exists. This means that a 15U age group and up cannot have more than 3 players from one school on a roster. Ohio is one of only 3 states to have this rule still in place. In Junior high it only affects the schools that are under OHSAA and some private grade schools are not members. For teams 12U, 11U and 10U the “rule of 3” does not apply to elementary schools.
  • What is the payment structure for the team?
    The team fee will be broken into 2 equal payments. You can pay in full. The first payment is due when you accept the position on the team and sign the contract. The second payment and final payemt is due by January 31st. Payment can be made through our secure online payment system that you used for tryout registration. You can also pay by cash or check. Make checks payable to OPVC. We always strive to have 10 players on a team and the fee is based on 10 players. If there is nine players on a team the cost per player will be more.

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