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Each program will have one or more of these colored tags:



If our program has "All Skills" in the name or it has all three of these tags, that means that it is for all skill levels and we will divide the players (as best we can depending on registration) into these three groups. For example, our Girls All Skills Camp or our Boys All Skills Camp is for all skill levels and we will divide all the players who register into either a beginner, intermediate or advanced group within the camp. We will do our best the first day to move players into different skill level groups based on our evaluation and based on the number of players registered.


For our upcoming Build The Skills 1-hour sessions we will designate clearly if it is for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. For example we will have "Advanced Attacking"  for advanced/elite players only, or "Beginner/Intermediate Attacking" for beginner/intermediate players.

Check out the description below to see what category you fit into so you can choose the appropriate program.



This is a player completely new to the game of volleyball and has had little to no formal instruction of the skills.  They have little to no experience at all learning the skills or playing the game.  They are not familiar with the rules of volleyball and/or have not played in any leagues and/or have never played in a school league team or club volleyball.



This is a player who has played in a school league and maybe one year of club volleyball on a Regional/American team. This player is gaining ball control, can get it over the net, has an understanding of the rules and the concept of three hits but cannot do it consistently.  But they have not gained the skill level yet to play on a higher level team but are working towards this goal.  This player has been introduced to a team offense and defense but do not have a complete understanding of the rotations and positions on the court. This player can serve overhand but not consistently.  



This player has played at least two-three years of club volleyball on an American/National level team. They have good ball control, consistent passing, setting, and hitting.  This player wants to stretch them selves competitively. Advanced players are fundamentally strong, team organized and play is approached strategically.  Most players have focused on a specific position (like a setter or outside hitter).  They know a 6-2 and 5-1 team offense and a perimeter team defense and are very familiar with team concepts.  This player can definitely serve overhand and or jump serve.  These players want more fast paced, challenging and competitive drills and game play. 

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