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Youth Programs

frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Ohio Premier Classes, Training Teams and Club Teams?
Classes, Clinics and Camps are purely instructional in nature. Although there are some competitive elements incorporated so that participants learn the game play aspect of volleyball (short court games, cooperative drills, etc). Participants do not compete on a team. There are no tryouts. All players and all skill levels are welcome! 

When are instructional classes offered? 
Classes are offered year round. We will have  spring, summer, fall and winter sessions.


When can my child start?

You can register at anytime. Even if start in the middle of the month, your tuition will be prorated.  

How many classes does my fee cover? 

Your fee is for the month so there are usually four classes. Some months will have five classes.


What kind of experience is required for classes? 
No previous volleyball or athletic experience necessary. Our instructional programs are designed with beginners and intermediates in mind. Intermediates can still benefit from repetitions through skill progressions and technique adjustments. We adjust our instruction based on the skill level of our participants. All players are accepted, regardless of background in the sport. We group players based on their abilities and/or appropriate age group during the first session and adjust accordingly as they progress.


What equipment does my child have
to bring to the classes?

Any athletic attire is ok – t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes. Kneepads are recommended but not required. Any brand of soft knee pads available at your local sports store is acceptable. Please make sure your child has ample hydration (water or sports drinks are ok) at each session. We do have water fountains.


What does the instructional program entail? 
A huge part of Ohio Premier’s success is its coaching methods and philosophy.  We believe in technique progressions and high repetitions. We insist on doing each skills repetition the correct way every time. Everyone, regardless of skill level, will start off with core drills that emphasize the basic fundamental skills of volleyball.  Each week, we focus on one particular skill set, then build upon it each class.  We end each class with competitive game play. Towards the end of the program, participants compete against each other in different competitive formats.


What will my child learn during the classes? 
Our programs are designed to learn the game and/or sharpen a player’s skills in an enjoyable and fun way. We focus on teaching court movement and proper contact of the ball. For players who were part of prior Ohio Premier classes, we will build on previous offerings with continued development of skills. Players will gain confidence and will continue to be challenged. We value giving individual instruction based on where players are in the learning process.

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