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We are committed to DEVELOPMENT: training BOYS and GIRLS athletes of all skill levels ages 3-19 years old, and helping them reach their potential as an athlete. We offer several types of teams to accommodate the development of each player. Each player has different needs and our focus is to help them grow from where they are to where they want to be.  We are the only Club in the Cincinnati area that has a full BOYS CLUB PROGRAM and  GIRLS CLUB PROGRAM. 


We are committed to SAFETY and INJURY PREVENTION: providing flooring in our facility that reduces the impact on the player’s joints, ligaments and tendons. 


We are committed to CUSTOMER SERVICE: providing excellent customer service. We work hard for our athletes and families.  Our Club Leadership staff is committed to excellent communication with parents and athletes.  Our Organization and attention to detail and Integrity as a club is top notch!  


We are committed to RECRUITING:  For those athletes that would like to play after high school, we will provide services and information and mini seminars to help them achieve their goals for playing in college.  


We are committed to QUALITY: providing our teams with structured practices, and training sessions and tournaments. 


We are committed to COACHING EDUCATION:  We provide online and in person volleyball specific coaching instructional education resources that all our coaches have access to throughout the season to help train their teams.  Our coaches continuously learn tips and training from some of the nation’s top coaches. We place great importance that all our players receive quality instruction from coaches that care about their development and foster a positive environment. We have a training and management structure in place that ensures coaches are developing and progressing each athlete. 


We are committed to developing the WELL ROUNDED ATHLETE:  Along with teaching the skills and reinforcing the physical part of what it takes to be a good volleyball player. We will also focus on the mental part of the game, character, being a good teammate, being coachable, along with other attributes of a well rounded athlete that will help these players on and off the court and in Life.  It is important to our staff to teach Volleyball and also life skills! 



The Ohio Premier Leadership Team and coaches work together in an effort to ensure current and future success and the desired operational outcomes.  Ohio Premier club exists to build and enhance the lives of youth and junior athletes and their families through a full spectrum of volleyball based on technical, mental, physical training and character development.  As a club, we strongly feel there are invaluable life lessons to be learned by athletes and parents through successes and failures in the practice gym as well as the performance stage. Through all that the club aims to provide, the ever present principle of playing youth sports remains - nurturing the passion and love of volleyball.





Our coaching and Director Staff is comprised of quality coaches in the Cincinnati Area who have coaching experience at the middle school, high school and college levels, as well as playing experience  at some of the top high schools and colleges.  Our coaches are certified in: SAFESPORT, IMPACT, CONCUSSION AND SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST.  





The Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy is a 54,000 sq. ft. facility family-oriented sports center providing professional training in basketball, volleyball and fitness.  Having our own facility means that practices will not be cancelled or rescheduled due to 2nd or 3rd party events.  Our in house teams will have top priority! Our facility is accessible from all major highways (I-71, I-75, I-275), with approximately 200 parking spaces in a well-lit safe parking lot, EIGHT FULL SIZE VOLLEYBALL COURTS (all wood floors for safety and Injury prevention), six basketball courts, in-house speed, agility and jump training provided by IGNITION, event tournament hosting, plenty of spectator seating, brand new restrooms with separate family restrooms, and a snack bar filled with food, drinks and snacks suitable to fuel athletes and hungry fans.  This facility will have full HEAT in the winter and full AIR CONDITIONING in the summer.  Athletes and spectators will be comfortable while competing or watching from the stands.  Our 2019/2020 club teams are scheduled to be in our Brand New Facility the first week of January 2020! 

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