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Train & Play Session 5: May 2024

May 6th - May 30th

Skills Training &

Game play

TRAINING will include 1 hour of instruction in technique for all skills such as, passing, setting, hitting/attacking, and serving. Our goal is to break each skill down fundamentally to better assist each athlete to perform these skills correctly for better results. Each week your child will also build confidence in themselves and the sport as we advance the skill level and push for success.


These sessions are run by a strong line up of OPVC coaches/leaders who strive to better our young athletes, while providing a positive and FUN environment. Everyone will be receiving a high level of intense reps and consistent feedback from our qualified coaching staff. Each Train and Play team will have at least 2 coaches for groups of 6 or more.


PLAY will include 30-45 minutes of opportunities to COMPETE and explore drills provided by the coach mirroring game like situations! For Example: 6 vs 6  / 4 vs 4 / 3 vs 3 – Serve receive  / Defense etc.

Our Advanced Train & Play will be coached by some of our very own, top Ohio Premier Club Coaches who will not only run a fast pace “club like practice” but they will also instill advance drills and ideal game like situations.

***Advanced Player Description: ANY CLUB Volleyball Player from any club or players who have at least 2-3 years of club or organized volleyball experience:

  • Can overhand serve consistently.

  • Full attacking approach with consistently hitting the ball over the net.

  • Being able to pass to setter consistently.

  • Court awareness and strong knowledge/ idea of the game


***If your child does not meet the above expectations for our Advanced train and play, you would then register your child for our beginner/intermediate train and play session.


3rd/4th Grade



May 7 / 14 / 21 / 28

Cost: $148

ADV. 5th/6th Grade



May 8 / 15 / 22 / 29

Cost: $148

5th/6th Grade



May 6 / 13 / 20 / 27

Cost: $148

7th/8th Grade



May 9 / 16 / 23 / 30

Cost: $148

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