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girls FALL 2023/2024 tryouts

Join the family! come play at opvc!


Thank you all for attending OPVC summer club team tryouts.  Our Summer Club Tryouts are now done and FALL CLUB TRYOUTS are now OPEN.  Fall tryouts are being held to fill positions on all our 9U and 10U teams, and we will be adding an entire 10-4 Regional team. Additionally, we will be holding a tryout for our spots on our 14s, 15s and 16s teams.

*Tryouts are $35 per person.


9U & 10U

Friday, October 20th @ 5:15 - 7:00pm

Saturday, October 21st @ 9:30 - 11:15am


*players do not need to come to both tryouts, but can come to both if they want to.

  • 9U (3rd graders) - we will evaluate and consider 3rd grade players to play on a 9U or 10U club team.

  • 10U (4th graders) - we will be filling spots on our 10-1, 10-2, and 10-3 team. As well as filling an additional 10-4 team.


Friday, October 27th @ 5:15 - 7:00pm 


  • 14U (8th graders) - to fill the last spot on our 14 American team.

15U & 16U

After November 12th (More Info TBA)

  • 15U (9th graders) - to fill an outside hitter or DS position on our 15-3 team.

  • 16U (10th graders) - to fill a middle AND outside hitter position on our 16-3 team.


Please stay tuned on the website for any changes or updates.


Any questions about the openings on our club teams for 2024 club season please contact OPVC director Ginger Hineline at 

Current 2023 Grades for tryouts

12U - 6th grade

13u - 7th Grade

14U - 8th grade

9U - 3rd grade

10u - 4th grade


11U - 5th Grade

(We will consider advanced 3rd graders to play on a 10U team)

Regional Division is grade level and birthday (age) does not matter. American Division is grade level and age waiver players can play on an American team no matter their birthday (age). National Division birthdays do matter. Click here to see if you are an age waiver player if you are considering a national team.  



Please print and complete this form.


Please print and complete this form.


Please read thoroughly.


Birthdays matter when registering for club ball. Please check the age classifications so that you can register for the correct tryout age group.


Registration is currently open. Please be sure to complete the above checklist.

Tryout Form Checklist
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