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Lauren Weaver

16-1 Co Coach


Lauren Weaver is an accomplished volleyball coach with a passion for the sport that began in her elementary years. She played for various club organizations on national teams such as Elevation & Team Z. Lauren went to Miami University where she continued to play volleyball recreationally. She still competes at the indoor and beach level. 

Lauren decided to pursue coaching to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring athletes. For the past 3 years, she has served as both the freshman and assistant varsity coach for the Lakota East girls program, as well as the assistant junior varsity coach for the Lakota East boys program. She has also been coaching club for a few years, and is excited to move to OPVC!

Outside of volleyball, Lauren has a career in Human Resources. She is a new wife to her husband, Paul, and a dog mom to her puppy Charlie!

Lauren Weaver
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